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2024 Program Preview

The 2024 Australian Cotton Conference Program is in development. Although most presenters have yet to be officially invited, the Conference Programming Committee has been busy designing sessions and topics for three days of action packed learning. This page will be continually updated as speakers are confirmed, so please keep checking back.  In the meantime, below is a draft preview of what to expect, subject to change.

Monday, August 5

1:00 pm

Registration Desk

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Our registration desk will be open from 1 – 5 pm. Avoid the rush and collect your name badge early.

Tuesday, August 6

9:00 am

Trade Hall

Morning Tea

Kick off Conference by joining us for Morning Tea in the Trade Hall.

Session 1

Cultivating Excellence

Conference will open with a traditional Welcome to Country and an address by Conference Committee Chair and Leeton farmer Elizabeth Stott, followed by a number of inspiring, dynamite presenters:

  • Mathematical whiz and well-known media personality Adam Spencer will present on how digital transformation will change work and business forever.
  • Ex-fighter pilot Daniel “Fuzz” Walker from Afterburner will present on the fighter pilot mindset and how this can be applied to everyday life.

Trade Hall


Session 2a

Continuing to Cultivate Excellence

This wide ranging session will look at a number of topics where the Australian cotton industry needs to continually “Cultivate Excellence” including gaining and maintaining trust in regional communities through authentic storytelling, biosecurity and attracting staff, starting with tertiary agricultural education.

Session 2b

Future Farming

With the focus very much at farm level, this session will include topics such as mapping fields and weeds using satellites, farm data governance and security, methods of distributing beneficial insects by drone and plane and the rise of robotics.

Session 2c

Cotton Diseases

This session will cover research on diseases in cotton, plant breeding for verticillium resistance, optimal crop rotations and how excess nitrogen use can impact disease management.

Trade Hall

Afternoon Tea

Session 3a

Consulting for Sustainable Success

This session will be led by experienced consultants to help their counterparts identify and manage long term risks such as emerging pests and diseases. The session will be chaired by Damien Erbacher and will open with 3-4 speakers from different growing regions. This will be followed by an open panel discussion where the audience can ask questions and benefit from the experiences of the others in the room.

Session 3b


This session will help delegates understand fertiliser emissions, micronutrients, research and commercial data on the benefits and options of seed coatings, new technology in crop nutrition and how global supply chains are reacting to the use of fertilisers.

Session 3c

Aligning Families, Growth Wealth & Protecting Legacies

Presented by Rabo, this session will help growers with succession planning, and protecting the assets and prosperity of cotton farming families.

5:30 pm

Trade Hall

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers Welcome Reception

Join fellow delegates and over 100 exhibitors in the Trade Hall for a welcome drink before heading out to dinner with colleagues or friends at the huge range of local restaurants the Gold Coast has to offer.

Wednesday, August 7

9:00 am

Trade Hall

Meet our Exhibitors

Trade Hall opens at 9am, a great opportunity to see all of the latest ag tech, machinery, innovations, industry organisations and much more – all under one roof.

Session 4a

Raingrown Cotton

This session will focus on topics particular to rain grown cotton, under development but likely to include topics such as how to use magnet insecticide to achieve the best productivity results, new techniques for crop destruction, stalk puller technology and research on last effective cotton flowers.

Session 4b

Future Farming

The huge and complex world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it relates to many sectors of the cotton supply chain will be unpacked in this session that may take us from AI in plant breeding and weed spraying, to the farm office and digital fashion.

Session 4c

Changing Irrigation Systems

Water use efficiency remains a key challenge for the Australian cotton industry.  This session will be made up entirely of cotton farmer panels that will take a look at changing irrigation systems, their design considerations and how the efficiencies and economics stack up.

Session 5a

Global Markets

Hosted by the Australian Cotton Shippers Association, this session will be presented by those leading and cultivating excellence in the markets.  In this session we’ll hear from:

  • Michael Every, Rabobank
  • Joe Nicosia, Louis Dreyfus Commodities
  • Ron Lawson, SFO Commodities

Session 5b

Water Distribution in the Regions

With the Murray-Darling Basin Plan under review, this timely session will give an update on the Basin Plan and what it means for cotton irrigators, satellite surveillance and new techniques to ensure compliance and cultural water flows.

Session 5c

Ag Chemistry

This session is still under development but will likely look at GM varieties and lessons learned from use of Xtend Flex and dicamba, insect resistance management in Australian cotton regions and global trends, as well as a panel of Crop Consultants to share on ground experience with these technologies.

Session 6a

Cotton to Market

Session under development. Check back for further information.

Session 6b

People Power & the Future of Work

Opening this session will be Olympic swimmer, gold and silver medallist Brooke Hanson who will share her journey of excellence at the highest level of sport.  The rest of the session will focus on the issues impacting people in the cotton industry, employment, shaping future roles – and how global requirements surrounding human rights in cotton present both a challenge and a huge opportunity for selling our crop.

Session 6c

Managing Fibre Quality

This session will explore ways to manage fibre quality, including practice changes to reduce quality risks, field variations and quality, setting up your picker, ginning and understanding cotton grading.

Session 7a

Northern Australia

A wide array of topics around Northern Australia cotton production including investment in Northern Australia, progress over the past six years and research priorities for the North.

Session 7b


This session is under development.

Session 7c

Alternative Cropping

Oilseed production, renewable fuel supplies, cover crops in farming systems and cover crop disease management.

Session 8a

Mapping the future of Australian Cotton

Under development.

Session 8b

Crop Agronomy & Plant Physiology

Crop management, crop establishment practices, boll maturity, physiology.

Session 8c

The Business of Farming

Fiscal returns and trends, carbon conversions, remnant vegetation.

Thursday, August 8

9:00 am

Trade Hall

Meet Our Exhibitors

Trade Hall opens at 9am, a great opportunity to see all of the latest ag tech, machinery, innovations, industry organisations and much more – all under one roof.

Session 9a

Mapping the Future of Australian Cotton continued

This session is under development and will be presented by CRDC.

Session 9b

Weed Management

Weeds, residual herbicides, resistance management, in-crop tactics.

Session 9c

Mind, Body & Soul

Connections, conversation and mateship; Workforce research and legislative requirements for employment.

Session 10

Cultivating Excellence

Rob Edwards It’s all about You; Cricket Legend Steve Waugh.

6:15 pm

Australian Cotton Industry Awards Dinner

For ticket holders only, this event will include the presentation of five Australian Cotton Industry Awards, entertainment, food and beverages.

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