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The Conference organising committee is developing an engaging program of expert speakers, topics and issues to be covered over three days of presentations, panel discussions, interactive forums and events. For your interest, our 2018 program is detailed below.

Tuesday, August 7

8:00 am

Room 4

myBMP Express Masterclass

8:30 am

Room 5

Cotton Australia Annual General Meeting

9:00 am

Trade Hall

Trade Hall Opens

9:30 am

Trade Hall

Morning Tea

10:00 am

Trade Hall

John Deere Cotton Club

Session 1

10:00 am

Room 1b

Pushing Boundaries

Cotton communities – how they shape up

Simon Kuestenmacher, The Demographics Group

Leadership, resilience & change

Matina Jewell, UN Peacekeeper, Author

Next generation agriculture

Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute

12:30 pm

Trade Hall

FastStart Lunch

Session 2a

2:00 pm

Room 1b

Dollars & Dirt - how to remain profitable & sustainable

Adding $2 billion to Australian cotton – CRDC’s vision for 2023

Bruce Finney, Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Profitability trends

Paul Fisher, Boyce Chartered Accountants

Profitability trends

Andrew Parkes, Customised Farm Management

The future technology pipeline

Luis Burzio, Monsanto

Value chain stakeholders view of sustainability

Alice Payne, Queensland University of Technology

Session 2b

2:00 pm

Room 5

War on weeds

Gene technology and the world of traits

Sander van der Krol, Wageningen University & Research

Enlist Weed Control System

Jonathan Siebert , CORTEVA Agriscience

New solutions for weed management in cotton systems

James Neilsen, Monsanto Australia Ltd

Observations from Australian growers USA Weeds Tour

John Cameron, Rabswan & C7 Farming

Development of a spray drift hazard prediction system

Graeme Tepper, Micro Meteorological Research and Educational Services

3MT – Birth, taxes, death and herbicide resistance

Eric Koetz, NSW Department of Primary Industries

3MT – How many herbicides does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

David Thornby, Innokas Intellectual Services

Session 2c

2:00 pm

Room 7

Farms of the future

Farms of the future

Roger Zey & Christopher Murray, John Deere

On-farm robotics

Matt Truman, The University of Sydney

On-farm robotics – making it real

Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics

Driverless tractors & farm automation

Andrew Kissel, Case IH

3MT – Big data – the key to minimising yield variability

Patrick Filippi, The University of Sydney

3MT – Cotton fertiliser effect on soil CO2 concentration and efflux

Anika Molesworth, Deakin University

2:00 pm

Room 4

Better health in ag

3:30 pm

Trade Hall

Afternoon Tea

Session 3a

4:15 pm

Room 1b

The climate question

Future ideas on managing our modern climate

Robert Eveleigh

What’s the value of climate forecasts?

Rebecca Darbyshire, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Interdecadal climate variability and climate change

Ben Henley, University of Melbourne

Managing climatic extremes in the Lower Namoi

David Ricardo, Ricardo Farms

Which climate models can you use?

Jon Welsh, CottonInfo

Session 3b

4:15 pm

Room 5

Refuges & rotations – the world of IPM

Emerging global threats to Australian IPM

Sharon Downes, CSIRO Agriculture & Food

Think like an insect: outwit, outplay, outlast

Robert Mensah, NSW Department of Primary Industries

IPM – Successful communication is the key

Matthew Holding, Meteora Pty Ltd

Releasing beneficials from drones

Steve Madden, Steve Madden Agriculture

Area wide management of whitefly

Emma Ayliffe, Summit Ag Agricultural Consulting

3MT – Impact of mirids at early squaring & yield

Amanda Thomas, CottonInfo

Session 3c

4:15 pm

Room 7

Pitch from the Paddock

Farm Service Manager

David Ricardo


Anastasia Volkova

Swarm Farm Robotics

Andrew Bate


Stu Adam

Citizen Wolf

Zoltan Csaki


Sam Duncan

Zero Harm Farm

Mark Orr


Darryl Lyons


James Moloney


Zak Iqbal


Tonia Bastyan

Rural Health Connect

Megan Gomez

Pitch panelists

Steve Baxter, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

Liz Alexander, Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Allen Haroutonian, X-lab

Fleur Anderson, Cotton Australia

5:30 pm

Foyer E

First Timers Welcome

6:00 pm

Trade Hall

IPF Welcome Reception

Wednesday, August 8

7:00 am

Foyer E

Next Gen : Farming in the age of Twitter

Setting the scene – storytelling in agriculture

Fiona Simson, National Farmers’ Federation

Learnings from the field

Christine Ferguson, Life in the Mulga


Jessica Lehmann

Matt Norrie

Session 4

8:30 am

Room 1b

Australia – our place in the global market – customers & competitors

Trade wars – China, global & Australian trade relations

Michael Every, Rabobank

Bangladesh – the new hungry tiger for cotton

Fawzia Yasmeen, Pahartali Textiles

Manmade fibres – friend or foe to cotton

Amit Gautam , Lenzing AG

Microfibre pollution & cotton

Mark Browne, University of NSW


10:00 am

Trade Hall

John Deere Cotton Club

10:30 am

Trade Hall

CottonInfo Morning Tea

Session 5

11:15 am

Room 1b

Jump on the brandwagon - influencing our supply chain

Intro to the Cotton to Market program

Brooke Summers, Cotton Australia

Global landscapes for sustainable cotton

Corin Wood-Jones, Better Cotton Initiative

Our good business journey and sustainable cotton commitment

Lucy King, Country Road Group

Opportunities for textiles in a circular economy

Jon Dee

How Kmart and Target Australia are transitioning their global cotton supply chain to 100% more sustainable cotton

Rick Lambell, Kmart & Target Australia

12:30 pm

Trade Hall


12:30 pm

Room 4

myBMP Express Masterclass

Lunch provided

1:30 pm

Trade Hall

The Australian Cotton Shippers Association presents Denim by Design Fashion Event

Session 6a

2:00 pm

Room 1b

New products & new ideas

Supported by Orica

Precision Ammonia & Farm Nurse Tanks

Paul Scutt, Orica

AgriRisk Weather Insurance

Norm Trethewey, AgriRisk Services Pty Ltd

Precision Planting SmartFirmer

David McGavin, Precision Seeding Solutions

Teletrac Navman FTC Manager

Priya Sinnathamby, PPM Tax & Legal for Teletrac Navman

Beka-Max automatic greasing system

Darrell Date, Alemlube

Daily Satellite Imagery

Neels van Rensburg, Farmers Edge

Biological liquid growth stimulator

Sven Villemson, Albit

ecoSphere® by Pivotel

Nicholas Hart, Pivotel

Energy storage-back-up hybrid system

Ahmed El Safty, ZED – Zero Emissions Developments

The Farmers Warehouse

Ian Grellman, Raw Cotton Australia

Round module phone app

Andrew Smart, Precision Cropping Technologies

3MT – Turning cotton gin trash into industrial chemicals

Adrian Baker, Queensland University of Technology

3MT – Conversion of cotton ginnery by-products into value-added compounds

Knut Schneider, Queensland University of Technology

Session 6b

2:00 pm

Room 5

Towards zero - the importance of ag safety

Safe farming

Shane Webcke, Queensland Safety Ambassador

Lessons learnt from a fatality

Ian McDonald, Brighann Ginning

Look up and live – powerline safety

Glen Cook, Ergon Energy

Session 6c

2:00 pm

Room 7

Business strategy

Brought to you by Rabobank

Business planning and strategy

Robin Stonecash, Rabobank & Southern Cross University

Chris Lyne, Delta Farms

Ian Gourley, Blue Hills

Andrew Watson, Kilmarnock Farming

3MT – Riparian zone management for multiple benefits

Rhiannon Smith, University of New England

3MT – Ground water health

Grant Hose, Macquarie University

2:00 pm

Room 3

Social Media Masterclass

3:30 pm

Trade Hall

Afternoon Tea

3:30 pm

Room 5

Association of Australian Cotton Scientists AGM

Session 7a

4:15 pm

Room 1b

Joining the dots – farm connectivity

Smart farm technology

Nick Gillingham, NG Agronomic Consultancy & Sundown Pastoral Co

Setting up the farm for connectivity

Andrew Roberts, Field Solutions

Connectivity & water productivity

Alicia Garden, Discovery Ag

Agri tech & Telstra

Channa Seneviratne, Telstra

Session 7b

4:15 pm

Room 5

Turbocharge your crop – soils & nutrition

Increasing profitability – nitrogen use efficiency

Peter Grace, Queensland University of Technology

Optimising management of manure

Wendy Quayle, Deakin University

Understanding soil systems research

Oliver Knox, University of New England

REO field experiments

Kieran O’Keeffe, CottonInfo

Janelle Montgomery, CottonInfo

3MT – Improving the efficiency of recycled materials in farming systems

Rhys Pirie, The University of Queensland

3MT – Who is lurking in your soil

Katherine Polain, University of New England

3MT – Can soil structure alter the cotton fertiliser P response?

Guna Nachimuthu, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Session 7c

4:15 pm

Room 7

A lasting legacy – farm & business succession & management

Facilitated by

Robbie Sefton, Seftons

A primary producer’s legacy

Susan Bryant, Seeds of Advice

New ways of farm ownership

Sam Marwood, Cultivate Farms

Creating pathways to cotton careers

Daniel Kahl, Merced Farming

3MT – The future of work in the Aussie cotton industry

Nicole McDonald, University of Southern Queensland

Session 7d

4:15 pm

Foyer E

Gain with rain - dryland cropping

Gaming the system: using PGRs to develop resilient future cotton systems

Claire Welsh, CSIRO Food and Agriculture

Picking or stripping – a case study

René van der Sluijs


Angus Vickery

JR McDonald

Scott McCalman

3MT – What is the value of cotton soils?

Michael Braunack, CSIRO

3MT – An AquaTill system for terminating cotton ratoons

Greg Butler, AquaTill

4:15 pm

Room 4

Better health in ag

Thursday, August 9

Session 8a

8:30 am

Room 1b

The lay of the land – understanding perceptions

Achieving social license in forestry

Ross Hampton, Australian Forest Products Association

Consumer perceptions of Australian wool and cotton farming

Sharon Morris, Quantum Market Research

3MT – A sustainable value chain analysis for Australian cotton

Zoe Mellick, Queensland University of Technology

3MT – Sustainability strategy

Chris Cosgrove, Sustenance Asia

3MT – Cotton survey data – backing industry decisions

Ben Dawson, Crop Consultants Australia

Session 8b

8:30 am

Room 5

Cotton Clinic – diagnosing & treating disease

A southern perspective – managing disease issues

Richard Malone, Customised Farm Management

Vibrance CST : New fungicide seed treatment for Australian cotton

Ken McKee, Syngenta Australia

3MT – New approach to disease surveys

Linda Smith, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

3MT – How molecular diagnostics will help manage verticillium

Karen Kirkby, NSW Department of Primary Industries

3MT – Reniform nematode update

Tim Shuey, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

3MT – Rotation lowers verticillium

Linda Scheikowski, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

3MT – Microbes do bounce back in soils

Gupta Vadakattu, CSIRO Agriculture & Food

Session 8c

8:30 am

Room 7

Power up – the road to renewables

Incorporating solar into cotton farming

Janine Powell, AgEcon

Understanding & identifying battery storage opportunities

Benjamin Kölle, GEM Energy Australia

Hydrogen fuel – the energy source of the 21st century

Greg Butler, SA NoTill Farmers Association

Session 9a

9:30 am

Room 1b

Turning the tide

Meeting the challenge of enhancing water management in Queensland

David Wiskar, Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy, Queensland Government

Current state of play for the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Phillip Glyde, Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Looking from the outside in: how Australia compares in the world of water

Will Fargher, Aither

“Boots on the Ground” – rebuilding confidence in water compliance in NSW

Grant Barnes, NRAR Chief Regulatory Officer

Session 9b

9:30 am

Room 5

Fibre Fantastic – agronomy for fibre quality

Fantastic fibres: new discoveries for future-proofing?

Colleen MacMillan, CSIRO

Quantifying seedling vigour

Hannah Hartnett, Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd

3MT – Honeydew, sooty mould and fungal agents

Simone Heimoana, CSIRO Agriculture and Food

3MT – Vibrating cotton bolls

Robert Long, CSIRO

3MT – Genomic selection in cotton

Philippe Moncuquet, CSIRO

Session 9c

9:30 am

Room 7

Mind, body & soul

Proudly supported by Adama

Heart of Australia

Rolf Gomes, Heart of Australia

Better health in the ag sector

Shanna Whan


Amy Cobb, OzHarvest

3MT – What cutting edge expertise would grow your agribusiness?

Trudy Staines, CSIRO

9:30 am

Room 4

myBMP Express Masterclass

10:00 am

Trade Hall

John Deere Cotton Club

10:30 am

Trade Hall

OzHarvest Morning Tea

10:30 am

Foyer E

Women in Cotton AGM

Session 10a

11:15 am

Room 1b

Blockchain & what it could mean for agriculture

What is Blockchain – cutting through the hype

Peter Carter, Data61 CSIRO

Applications for blockchain in Australian agriculture

Emma Weston, AgriDigital

“Water Ledger’’- an example of how blockchain can change our lives

Lucas Cullen, Civic Ledger

Session 10b

11:15 am

Room 5

Smarter irrigation for profit

Smart automated precision broad-acre irrigation systems

Joseph Foley, University of Southern Queensland

Grower-led automation

Louise Gall, Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association Inc

Improving WUE in a changing climate

Katie Broughton, CSIRO

3MT – Evaluating nitrogen

Jon Baird, NSW Department of Primary Industries

3MT – Applications of aerial imagery

Alison McCarthy, University of Southern Queensland


Session 10c

11:15 am

Room 7

iFarm – the role of data & digital

The value proposition for digital technologies

Vivienne McCollum, AGKServices

The economic value of digital farming

Richard Heath, Australian Farm Institute

Agri-intelligence in cotton production systems

Kate Devitt, Queensland University of Technology

Privacy implications of agricultural data

Leanne Wiseman, Griffith University

Connectivity capability & trust

Louisa Ferrier, Connectivity capability & trust

12:30 pm

Trade Hall

Acres of Opportunity Lunch

12:30 pm

Foyer E

Women in Cotton Luncheon

Session 11

2:00 pm

Room 1b

ANZ presents From the fields to the future

Emerging technologies & cotton – 2030

Nigel Dobson, ANZ

Leading on the edge – leadership, teamwork & inspiration

Rachael Robertson

An irreverent overview of the Australian cotton industry

Clancy Overell & Errol Parker, The Betoota Advocate

4:00 pm

Trade Hall

Afternoon Tea

6:30 pm

Hall 3

Australian Cotton Industry Awards Night

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