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Spraytec Australia




Spraytec Australia is a multinational agricultural company specialising in application technology and foliar fertilisers to improve overall productivity and reduce costs to growers.

Since our establishment in 1991, our innovative pulse has never stopped. We have constantly launched new concepts and products that combine grower convenience with improved crop health, nutrition and protection. This has been achieved by developing exclusive formulations based around application technology and low use rates.

With branches throughout South America, up into the USA, and across Europe, we have guaranteed that our products gain exposure to the world’s largest agricultural markets.

Having arrived on Australian shores in 2019, we adapted our formula to suit Australian conditions. Our ongoing goals are to continue extensive research and develop our industry networks with consultants, resellers and growers. Up until 2022, we have conducted over 40 independent trials nationally. For complete trial results and reports, please visit our website at


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