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Scania Australia


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Scania is a global supplier of high efficiency industrial engines featuring excellent uptime, long service intervals and high power outputs. Scania’s engines are available in 5-cylinder, 6-cylinder and V8 configurations with capacities from 9.0-litres and 250 hp output through 13-litres to 16.4-litres producing more than 900 hp, depending on application.

Scania’s industrial engines are used widely around Australia and the Asian region by irrigation enterprises, providing pumping operations across substantial distances, as well as lifting water significant heights from rivers to reservoirs.

With full electronic monitoring and control, engines can be started and stopped remotely, as well as used together or in sequence. Scania’s basic engine design is modular across the range, and its individual cylinder configuration helps to reduce servicing complexity and cost.

For more information please contact André Arm, Scania National Engines Manager on 0407 555 942 or visit

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