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Padman Stops




Padman Stops is a manufacturer of precast concrete irrigation gates and irrigation automation for the surface irrigation industry. We’ve been working hard over the past 30 years alongside farmers to solve their most pressing irrigation challenges. 

Our products are unique and achieve some of the best water efficiency rates available. Our simple yet high-precision automation systems take advantage of the latest in modern technology and are giving farmers their time back so they can get back to their families sooner. 

For us, it’s always been about working alongside Australian farmers to help improve their properties’ efficiency and profitability whilst also allowing farmers a better quality of life. 

Padman Stops has been “The Farmers’ Friend” for over 30 years, transforming water efficiency for farmers and reducing labour, time and cost with innovative products and technology.

From humble beginnings that began with founder, John Padman, inventing products from his backyard shed – to now with up to 50 staff working from their Strathmerton factory, it’s certainly been a labour of love. The aim is not to just to help farms become more profitable and easier to run, but also to give farmers a better quality of life, with more time off to relax with their family.

Forever innovating, the Padman Group doesn’t just produce and sell products. Instead, their dedicated teams design and customise entire specialised surface irrigation solutions for farms right across Australia. We’re here to help you.

The team at Padman Stops are always looking for new ways to innovate and create new solutions and products for farmers across Australia. We also have a genuine desire to make our products more accessible to more farmers than ever before, no matter where they might be located.

This desire has led us to develop several new specialist ‘arms’ of the business so we can reach more farms and improve more farming lifestyles. These include Padman Automation, Padman Water Solutions and Quick Culverts.

Padman Water Solutions is particularly exciting as it brings our solutions further north, with a brand-new factory in Queensland to enable us to get products to Queensland farmers far more efficiently. 

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