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Omnia Specialities Australia




Omnia Specialities Australia is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of crop nutrition products and world class biostimulants including Humates, Fulvates, Seaweed and organically chelated trace elements. Omnia produces world class humic acid derived from Australian Leonardite which is considered to be one of the best raw materials on a global scale. The raw material is used in a specialised process, yielding the most concentrated activated humic acids in the world.

Our vision is to lead the way in terms of quality and innovation. Our focus is on soil health and fertiliser efficiency to improve crop yield and quality.

Our team of highly qualified Agronomists, Chemists and Plant Physiologists are committed to the continual development of new products and innovative solutions.

Combined with our extensive on-farm experience, Omnia offers our clients a total solutions package for peak production and profit.

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