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McGregor Gourlay


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McGregor Gourlay is a dynamic and progressive privately-owned Australian agribusiness with branches located across the premier cotton, broad acre, sugar cane, horticulture and livestock regions of North West NSW, the NSW Northern Rivers, and the South West QLD Border Regions.

We offer a highly customer focused approach, specialising in the areas of agricultural chemical, fertiliser, seed, agronomy services, rural merchandise, animal health, livestock, real estate and water equipment. Our team works closely with our clients, whilst partnering with leading service providers, to offer a unique service of retail merchandise, agronomic and digital services, to ensure customers have what they need, when they need it.

With a history of over 125 years of service, staff of more than 100 through the network of 14 branches and associated companies, the McGregor Gourlay team is at the forefront of agriculture, with an outstanding level of experience across a wide range of cropping environments, to assist our customers pioneer production into new areas across the region and maximise the potential of their cropping and livestock operations.

By pushing the boundaries in cropping innovation with expansion eastwards into new cotton producing regions, we are proud to offer new growers the opportunity for a highly profitable and environmentally sustainable rotation option.

McGregor Gourlay is thrilled to be part of the 2022 Australian Cotton Conference and like our growers and the Australian cotton industry, we are “here for good”.


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