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Grassdale Fertilisers




With manure generated at Mort & Co feedlots surplus to farming needs, Grassdale Fertilisers was established to repurpose an abundant resource. The business now produces Australian first, organic granulated fertiliser products from its plant at Grassdale Feedlot.

Through a state-of-the-art facility, Grassdale Fertilisers has developed three, stable, high quality and consistent products, commissioning in late 2021:

  • Terrus
  • Terrus Pro
  • Gyptek

Organic fertilisers have not been available in a volume suitable for broadacre farming, until now.

This carbon-based fertiliser can be applied at depth to address soil constraints, and with an 80% water holding capacity, will improve water infiltration and condition the soil.

Grassdale Fertilisers is Australian owned, locally manufactured and is committed to ongoing research and product development.




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