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Goanna Ag




Goanna Ag – Australian cotton growers are amongst the most efficient and productive in the world. Our focus is on ensuring that continues – through helping growers make even better irrigation decisions. Our solution, GoField, has been developed through years of working closely with growers, consultants and researchers and is now globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive of its type.

Far more than just a moisture probe, GoField also incorporates Canopy Temperature, in field support, hyper local weather, satellite imagery and deeply researched forecasting tools to answer the question of when is just the right time to irrigate. In fact, various recent research papers quantify water savings, yield uplift and cost savings combining to create a Return on Investment of over 10 x.

With around 50% of last season’s cotton crop using GoField and another big season around the corner, now’s the time to talk to Goanna Ag and lock in your requirements.

We look forward to catching up at the 2022 Cotton Conference.

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