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FarmSimple is a whole farm management solution. A cloud based system with an app available on Apple and Android, as well as a web-console. The app operates on and offline, engineered to work in remote areas where phone and data service is marginal.

Co-Founders Matthew Higham (Software Engineer & former Farmhand), Lee Coleman (Farmer & former Industrial Engineer) and Lance Williams (Software Engineer) formed FarmSimple in 2019.

Matt’s unique background as a software engineer and farm operator, helps to design the app with a real operator’s edge. It eliminates all paperwork, enables real-time information capture and a suite of user friendly reports. FarmSimple is transforming the way data is collected with the software tackling whole farm management, supply chain efficiency, traceability, livestock management, water management, labour management, data analysis and compliance.

The FarmSimple Team is laser focused on closing the business management loop for farmers and farm managers, with an emphasis on connectivity to other systems.

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