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Cotton Research & Development Corporation


The Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) is proud to be a foundation sponsor for the 21st Australian Cotton Conference.

CRDC delivers outcomes in research, development and extension (RD&E) for the Australian cotton industry. Our purpose is to support the performance of the cotton industry: helping to increase both the productivity and profitability of our growers.

The cotton industry has always placed great emphasis on the value of its RD&E and the results speak for themselves. Cotton is an industry taking responsibility for itself by changing practices to meet its own expectations and those of contemporary society. Australia’s best cotton producers now achieve more than two bales of cotton per megalitre of water – almost double the industry average of just a decade ago. The industry is at the forefront of environmental management systems, climate change preparedness and climate change adaptation.

It’s an extraordinary story of achievement, thanks primarily to the continued support of the industry and the Australian Government for RD&E. Of course such gains are not RD&E’s alone. They simply would not be possible without collaboration – be it with growers, researchers, industry bodies, the Government or the wider sector – and we are pleased to be one of many partners involved in collaborating on the Australian Cotton Conference. We look forward to showcasing the latest findings and outcomes from the world of cotton RD&E to you in 2022.

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