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Australian Research Council (ARC) Hub for Sustainable Crop Protection


Innovation Alley


The Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub for Sustainable Crop Protection was established to address challenges of fungicide resistance, chemical residues, off-target effects and environmental harm. It is led by the University of Queensland (UQ), in collaboration with 15 partners, including CRDC and fellow research and development corporations (RDCs) GRDC, Wine Australia and Hort Innovation and industrial partner Nufarm Ltd.

The Hub research team are taking on the global challenge of transforming crop protection technology by developing and commercialising the innovative biological alternative to chemical fungicide: BioClay™. This breakthrough technology, developed by scientists at UQ, has the potential to become a game changer in cotton crop protection. BioClay is an environmentally friendly biopesticide that aims to control important pathogens of cotton such as silverleaf whitefly and Verticillium wilt, allowing versatility and high target specificity, without affecting the crop’s beneficial organisms.

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