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The Australian Cotton Conference would simply not exist without the generous support of the following corporate partners, whose help enables us to deliver world class speakers in a state-of-the-art facility, at a very reasonable cost.  Please support the organisations and businesses that support us.

Foundation Sponsors

Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd

Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd (CSD) has been supplying quality cotton planting seed to the Australian cotton industry since 1967. CSD was formed through the vision of Australia’s foundation cotton growers and remains committed to the success of today’s industry.

CSD is a major investor in cotton breeding, research and development, having developed a long and successful partnership with the CSIRO Cotton Breeding Program. CSD’s objective is to deliver elite varieties that are specifically bred and adapted to suit local growing conditions by delivering yield and quality outcomes to keep the Australian cotton industry at the premium end of the global fibre market.

On behalf of the industry, CSD takes an active role in the development and licensing of best in class biotechnology traits that add value to the overall performance of CSD varieties and to Australian growers.

CSD also conducts large scale replicated trials focused on new varieties, technologies and techniques to assess performance across diverse environmental conditions; and provides industry wide extension services focused on cotton production and agronomy via the CSD Extension and Development Agronomy team and CottonInfo joint venture, in partnership with CRDC and Cotton Australia.

CSD is proud to be a Foundation Sponsor of the Cotton Conference, and again looks forward to welcoming delegates from all sectors of the Australian cotton industry.


Cotton Research & Development Corporation

The Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) is proud to be a foundation sponsor for the 20th Australian Cotton Conference.

CRDC delivers outcomes in research, development and extension (RD&E) for the Australian cotton industry. Our purpose is to support the performance of the cotton industry: helping to increase both the productivity and profitability of our growers.

The cotton industry has always placed great emphasis on the value of its RD&E and the results speak for themselves. Cotton is an industry taking responsibility for itself by changing practices to meet its own expectations and those of contemporary society. Australia’s best cotton producers now achieve more than two bales of cotton per megalitre of water – almost double the industry average of just a decade ago. The industry is at the forefront of environmental management systems, climate change preparedness and climate change adaptation.

It’s an extraordinary story of achievement, thanks primarily to the continued support of the industry and the Australian Government for RD&E. Of course such gains are not RD&E’s alone. They simply would not be possible without collaboration – be it with growers, researchers, industry bodies, the Government or the wider sector – and we are pleased to be one of many partners involved in collaborating on the Australian Cotton Conference.

We look forward to showcasing the latest findings and outcomes from the world of cotton RD&E to you in 2020.


Partner Sponsors

Cotton Compass

Cotton Compass is a subscription based weekly market wire specifically tailored for the Australian cotton industry and its markets in Asia – providing real time information relevant to your business. We outline and analyse both the ICE futures markets and physical cash markets on both an FOT ginyard and CIF Asian basis. Cotton Compass runs regular surveys of subscribers and industry to get first hand independent input into production, marketing and logistics issues affecting the Australian industry.


Wakefield Inspections Services

Wakefield Inspection Services, a world leader in the cotton controlling industry, has established the standard for reliability and quality in global cotton inspection. The foundation of our service is simple: to ensure our clients consistently receive an accurate, objective and timely inspection. Our worldwide network of independent Wakefield and correspondents offices serve all major shipping and receiving points. SITC/HVI and Classing services are also available in our own laboratories located in most of the major cotton production and consuming regions.


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