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2018 Presenters

WHAN Shanna




Better health in the ag sector


Session 9c Mind, Body & Soul


Thursday August 09 at 9:30 am



WHAN Shanna

Many know Shanna Whan by her maiden name Shanna Rowlands. She’s an ex cotton-corporate industry woman who now divides her time between her freelance photography business and her health coaching qualifications, speaking and rural ambassador work which saw her recently nominated as a NSW/ACT AgriFutures Rural Woman of the Year finalist.

After nearly losing her own life four years ago she has taken what she calls ‘the worst experience of all’ and turned it into her life’s work to help her fellow industry peers and professionals achieve a better work/health balance.

She now has a national media profile through her volunteer work and commitment to bring to light out ongoing unhealthy relationships with alcohol in the rural sector.  Her own brutally honest, candid, and often humorous recovery story from high-functioning alcoholism is the basis from which she speaks.

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