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VISSER Francois


Carbon Friendly


Cotton carbon income case studies




Tuesday August 16 at 4:15 pm



VISSER Francois

Dr Francois Visser did his first cotton carbon footprint assessment at Auscott Namoi in 2011 as part of his PhD research in developing a carbon footprint calculator for the Australian cotton industry, and has been engaged in this space ever since.  After his PhD, Francois stayed on as a Senior researcher at UQ for a number of years focussed on carbon accounting in various industries, and nitrogen use efficiency in cotton. 

Since establishing Carbon Friendly, Francois and the team have conducted over 200 GHG emissions reduction and removal assessments for crop and livestock production in Australia and abroad, based on the ISO 14064-2 (2019) Standard and the GHG Protocols. The team has become one of the leading Agri-carbon consultancies internationally, and stay true to their mission of supporting farmers on their sustainability journey. He also holds a Masters in Agricultural Economics and an MBA. 

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