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2018 Presenters

SMITH Rhiannon


Univesity of New England


3MT - Riparian zone management for multiple benefits


Session 6c Business strategy


Wednesday August 08 at 2:00 pm



SMITH Rhiannon

Rhiannon Smith has been conducting environmental research in the cotton industry since commencing her Honours degree on biodiversity in tree plantings on Namoi Valley cotton farms in 2005. She completed a PhD in 2010 investigating biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by remnant vegetation in the Namoi region and expanded this research to cover the extent of the industry in a subsequent postdoctoral research project. Rhiannon has recently completed a three year CRDC-funded project investigating river red gum dieback and riparian management. This project builds on previous research illustrating the value of riparian ecosystems for providing ecosystem services to growers and the wider community.

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