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2018 Presenters

SIEBERT Jonathan


CORTEVA Agriscience


Enlist weed control system


Session 2b War on weeds


Tuesday August 07 at 2:00 pm



SIEBERT Jonathan

Jonathan Siebert is based in Greenville, Mississippi, USA and holds a Bachelors in Agronomy, a Masters in Weed Science and a PhD in Crop Physiology.  His areas of research included:  Sugarcane Seed Response to 2,4-D and Alternative Herbicides for Red Morning glory Control (Master’s thesis) and Cotton Response to Plant Density, Insect Pest Management and Harvest-Aid Application Strategies (PhD dissertation).  Jonathan is well versed in applied field research techniques and experimental design; leveraging his background in rice, small grains, sugarcane, soybean, corn, cotton and sweet potato production to help characterize discovery herbicide, insecticide and fungicide molecules; insect and herbicide resistance traits, and crop variety and hybrid characterization and advancement.  Jonathan has held several roles ranging from R&D field scientist, breeding station operations leader, field technical representative, field sales leader and customer technical specialist. In his current role he serves as a cross functional focal point between commercial, marketing, regulatory, government affairs and R&D for the ENLIST Weed Control System.

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