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2018 Presenters



Rabobank & Southern Cross University


Business Planning & Strategy


Session 6c Business strategy


Wednesday August 08 at 2:00 pm




As Program Director of the Rabobank Executive Development Program and Farm Managers Program, Robin plays a fundamental role in the success of the Programs and ensuring that participants get the most out of the week.

Robin is the Dean of the School of Business and Tourism and Head of the Gold Coast campus at Southern Cross University.  Southern Cross University is a strong regional university that has strong interests in plant science and agriculture, as well as the business of agriculture.

Robin has worked on various aspects of Agribusiness from the application of technology to the impact of changes to water rights. She is passionate about helping farmers improve their businesses and about increasing awareness of the importance of the sector to our communities and our economy.

Robin’s area of expertise are leadership, strategy development and negotiation. She was trained as an economist, focusing on the exercise of market power, outsourcing and macroeconomics.

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