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Cotton Seed Distributors


CSD Ambassador Network: Differences between common and best practice




Tuesday August 16 at 2:00 pm




James Quinn is the General Manager Growth and Development at Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD). James has been involved in the Australian cotton industry since 1996, including time with the Cotton CRC’s Farming Systems project and as an Industry Development Officer, worked for several years as a farm manager and joined CSD in 2005 as an Extension and Development Agronomist based in the Gwydir valley and now holds the General Manager role.

James has been highly focused on addressing grower needs and directly answering their infield questions during his time in industry. He has substantially benefited grower efficiency across many aspects of cotton production. He now oversees a program of various levels of industry research and extension activities, a digital and data framework, a new commercial research program and CSD’s farming and seed increase programs. He also works closely with the industry’s private companies and government institutions.

His personal understanding of the challenges faced by growers and the industry has been the driving force behind his commitment to enhance the day-to-day management of cotton production. James has a goal to benefit the cotton industry’s sustainability, efficiency, and productivity through improvements in crop management and yields.

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