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JAMALI Hizbullah


CSIRO Agriculture and Food


Scheduling irrigations with limited water




Wednesday August 17 at 9:00 am



JAMALI Hizbullah

Dr Hizbullah Jamali is a research scientist at CSIRO Agriculture and Food with skills in digital crop sensing technologies, agronomy and carbon accounting. Dr Jamali has led two Smarter Irrigation for Profit projects (phases 1 and 2) to successful completion under the Rural R&D for Profit Program. These projects contribute to CSIRO’s long-term research on improving water productivity in fully irrigated and limited water systems. Dr Jamali’s research focuses on developing plant-based irrigation scheduling tools including canopy temperature which is now available to cotton growers in Australia in partnership with the private sector. His recent research investigated irrigation strategies in limited water systems to optimize timing of a single irrigation during flowering phase and the tools to help inform such decisions.

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