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Rural Health Connect


PITCH FROM THE PADDOCK - Rural Health Connect


Session 3c Pitch from the Paddock


Tuesday August 07 at 4:15 pm




Megan Gomez is a former rural journalist who spent many years reporting on drought, natural disaster, fluctuating farmgate prices and other such issues. Seeing the impact these stresses can have on individuals, families and communities and speaking to people about how difficult it could be to access any form of professional help were the motivations behind creating this site.

Rural Health Connect is a social enterprise that connects people in rural Australia with psychologists online using video-conferencing technology. Doing sessions online provides the benefits of face-to-face interaction with no travel time or wait time. It is a convenient, private and stigma-free way for people to address the way they feel. We were founded to address the urgent need for better access to mental health services in rural Australia. Our software has been specifically designed to work in areas of low bandwidth and we link in with new Medicare rebates.

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