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Using the critical period for weed control to establish a multi-species weed threshold for irrigated cotton




Wednesday August 17 at 2:00 pm




Graham Charles is a research agronomist and weed scientist specialising in weed management and herbicide damage in cotton. He has been based at the Australian Cotton Research Institute at Narrabri since 1988.

Graham has covered a broad range of research areas over the past 33 years, culminating in the release of WEEDpak, a comprehensive manual for weed management in cotton in 2002, available on the web. He has since revised the manual in 2013 and 2019. He has undertaken research into weed management, weed botany, biology and ecology, farming systems, crop and weed physiology, herbicide resistance, and herbicide damage, documenting damage to cotton from a wide range of the herbicides commonly used in other parts of the farming system. Results from many of these research areas are available on the web. Graham is passionate about the need to develop integrated approaches to weed management (a whole of farming systems approach with a broad range of management tools) as the way to manage the increasing problem of herbicide resistance.

Most recently, Graham has been developing a series of weed control threshold thresholds for high-yielding cotton by defining the critical period for weed control in fully irrigated cotton using three mimic weeds. This innovative and world-first research will deliver for Australian cotton growers,  enabling them to accurately assess the damage caused by uncontrolled weeds throughout the season.

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