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Tuesday August 07 at 2:00 pm




John Cameron describes himself as an agricultural tragic! Raised on a grazing property in the New England region of NSW (cold country), he escaped to the warmer climes of South Queensland after completing his rural science degree at the University of New England last century. Introduced to cotton at a research station in 1979 in Griffith, NSW he probably didn’t realise the significance of that at the time.

John spent 10 years of his professional life in research and extension on insecticides and herbicides and the “new” craft of reduced tillage. Settling into farming life at Bongeen, Queensland with a new wife, he set about trying to make ends meet growing grain and eventually cotton, perfecting reduced tillage farming and the production of raingrown cotton.

He feels a little guilty nowadays as he has presided through the development, use, resistance and loss of many good agriculture products during his brief farming career.

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