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The Cotton Converts - solving textile waste, together


PITCH FROM THE PADDOCK - The Cotton Converts


Session 3c Pitch from the Paddock


Tuesday August 07 at 4:15 pm




Tonia head up Chalk redesigns, that educates and inspires the apparel industry to move towards a more sustainable and circular future. Our Consultancy has been built on innovative design and creative thinking with a conscious approach.

The Chalk team have over 25 years’ experience in the fashion/textile Industry working across design, production and management within many large global brands in Australia, Europe and the UK.

Our projects range from apparel design for circularity and end of life. Textile waste solutions and education in sustainability and the circular economy.

The fashion/textile industry is currently facing huge issues around textile waste and the vast quantity of garments destined for landfill every year here in Australia and globally. At Chalk we are developing a biotech solution for cotton textile waste “the cotton converts” that could make a significant impact on the textile waste mountain. We envisage a future whereby household consumers can contribute to the reduction of their textile waste in the same way they currently contribute by their recycling efforts and on a larger scale offer a real solution to brands and the textile industry.

“The Cotton Converts” present a natural solution to dealing with our cotton textile waste. This solution can be developed and scaled for the home, schools and community as well as the brands and the charity sector. In doing so we will have created a purposeful closed loop system that is at one with the circular economy.

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