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Fighter Pilot from “Afterburner” to Open Conference

6 March, 2024

Fighter Pilot from “Afterburner” to Open Conference

The Australian Cotton Conference will open with an interactive, fast-paced session titled “The Fighter Pilot Mindset”.  Presented by Afterburner fighter pilot “Fuzz”, delegates will be taught how to stay one step ahead, driving our lives and businesses in the right direction.

We’ll get an insiders look at one of the most elite organisations in existence and learn how to thrive and adapt to complex and rapidly changing environments.

According to Afterburner “fighter pilots pride themselves on staying one-step ahead, making great decisions and leading people and teams where they need to be. On our journey, Afterburner will share recently de-classified footage, talk you through a complex training mission, and demonstrate the agile ways of working transforming the best businesses around the world.”

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