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Crop Consultants Australia Session Looks to the Future of Farming

13 May, 2024

Crop Consultants Australia Session Looks to the Future of Farming

Crop Consultants Australia (CCA) President Tim Richards, outlines what agronomists can expect from a special conference session aimed at working with growers to focus on long-term sustainable cotton production.

Titled “Consulting for Sustainable Success: The Role of Consultants in Long Term Farming Strategies”, the session will be led by a panel of experienced consultants to help their counterparts identify and manage long term risks such as emerging pests and diseases.

The session will be chaired by Damien Erbacher and will open with 3-4 speakers from different growing regions. This will be followed by an open panel discussion where the audience can ask questions and benefit from the experiences of the others in the room.

“Topics will include ideal rotations, pest and disease management, the importance of soil integrity and fertility and the pillars of best performing farms,” Tim said.

“We’re hoping to help consultants balance the grower’s need to maximise yield and profitability this season with what your farming system might look like in 5-10 years’ time.

“There are real benefits in considering rotations as a means of managing potential new diseases and pests.  Strategies are needed now to ensure we’ll still be growing cotton successfully into the future.  Every region has its unique set of issues, and we’ll be getting insights into what these localised issues are and how they’re being managed,” he said.

Confirmed speakers so far are Tim Richards of MCA Ag, Goondiwindi and Richard Malone from Customised Farm Management, Griffith – both having seen many seasons and therefore able to take a longer-term view.

Crop consultants will walk away with an awareness of some potential challenges emerging in different regions, the preventative strategies required and how to communicate with clients about the long term gain of investing in these strategies now.

To CCA, the Conference theme of “Cultivating Excellence” means continuing to ensure consultants are coming through that are well equipped with the technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills needed for success.

“Knowledge is the foundation, but crop consultants also need to know how to run their own business, live in regional communities, manage clients and have the confidence to make some of the tougher calls with growers.  And you can only do that when you have good data, strong mentors and previous examples of good practice, and that’s where CCA sees it has a major role to play,” Tim said.

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