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SwarmFarm Robotics


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SwarmFarm has released the SwarmBot3 platform and we are one of the only robotic companies in the word with swarms of real robots out working on commercial farms in Australia. We build small, simple machines that do simple tasks very well.

SwarmFarm Robotics is an Australian company leading the development of agricultural robots for crop production. We are one of the few companies worldwide with real robots, already working on farms. SwarmFarm is not building a driverless tractor, we actually think we are building what comes after the tractor, which is a robot.

SwarmFarm Robotics is a technology company based near Emerald in rural Queensland. SwarmFarm never set out to automate agriculture or save labor- rather our philosophy is to create new farming systems that simply are not possible on the back of a tractor. The company was founded by farmers who have spent 20 years farming with modern technology that has seen farming equipment such as tractors, sprayers and planting equipment become increasingly larger and more complex. They came up with the idea that multiples of small, lightweight robots working together in a “swarm” would be the driver of new agtech into farming. The SwarmBot platform is an entirely new development that has evolved from the ground up. It utilises robotic technology and an ecosystem of independent developers that create modular technology for application to the platform. The SwarmBot is simply a platform for carrying smart tools and implements around paddocks in a much more precise and repeatable manner than is achievable on board a tractor.

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