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Suree Remote Intelligent Control





Suree Intelligent Technology Co Ltd specialises in remote intelligent control system for farm security and farm irrigation. Suree has been designing and installing remote control security systems for government departments and private businesses in China for 13 years, and has established itself in remote control irrigation systems for civil projects in China as well. Suree’s intelligent remote control system enables you to monitor and control your farm security and irrigation in one system, from your computer or mobile, at home or overseas.

The remote control farm security system enables you to monitor your farm security day and night. Each camera is weather proof, can monitor minimum 3km distance without vision blockage (still achieves upto 10km vision with less-clear image), near 360 degree angle, can sense motion, follow motion, capture data and store in your hard drive. You can achieve gate open/shut from home. You can also use the system to monitor your livestock without going out. No matter what your irrigation method is, the remote intelligent control system for farm irrigation can incorporate any common parameters that you’d like to monitor, including soil moisture, rainfall, water usage, pipe pressure, water flow speed and volume, water timing, pump fuel level, temperature, and engine speed. The system also achieves automatic throttle adjustment. If you have anything else you’d like to monitor, most likely we can incorporate it for you. The software can display the real-time status and data of the irrigation system, analyse, save, search, and print data; it can display in real time data from various sensors, monitor device operation status, it can issue warning for system error, have log in authorization; it can gather, sum up the water usage, irrigation time of various irrigation areas, it can search for historic irrigation data with defined timeframe, to provide reference for future irrigation, thus to achieve water use efficiency. Suree’s remote intelligent control system will free you from worry, high fuel expense, and give you more time to enjoy life, and water usage efficiency.

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