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Spot on Ag





Spot On Ag is your planting specialist from summer to winter grains using Precision Planting, 360 Yield Center and Harvest International Products.

We are

  • Australian  importers of Harvest International row units and planters
  • Designer and manufacturer of custom built planters
  • Creator of the bulk fill “Seed Flow System”

Spot On Ag began as a Precision Planting dealer and has creatively grown from there. Our aim is to provide farmers with the best planting experience and the best start for their crops, planting by the seed with more economical inputs and a higher yield. We work closely with farmers to design and manufacture custom built planters, that the farmers want.

Our patented Seed Flow System can covert any hopper box planter to bulk fill, allowing more hectares to be planted per day, a quicker time frame from start to finish, getting your crop in the ground in the “optimum” window. Seed Flow System can be installed to your Planter using your hopper or upgrade to mini hoppers.


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