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Spinners’ Cotton





Spinners’ Cotton supplies hand-spinners with premium-quality Australian cotton fibre for hand-crafting yarns and textiles. Our cotton fibre is 100% Australian, grown by Australian farming families and processed wholly in Australia.  Our fibre range includes Upland varieties as well as rare Australian-grown Pima, natural brown and natural green cottons, which are no longer grown commercially in Australia. Our cotton fibre is processed in small batches to exacting specifications to create sliver, which is ready and easy to spin on a wheel, spindle or charka. We sell ginned lint for hand processing. All of our fibre is suitable for dyeing and blending with other fibres such as linen, silk, Tencel, wool and bamboo.

Spinners’ Cotton stocks a range of finely-crafted spinning and carding tools, books, DVD tutorials and accessories to enhance the spinning experience and knowledge of our customers. We offer demonstrations and workshops on hand spinning and dyeing cotton. Our products are available online and at selected fibre events and festivals.

Spinners’ Cotton is a new and exciting Australian cotton venture.

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