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Southern Aurora Markets warmly welcomes all delegates to the Cotton Conference.

We are pleased to present a brand new Australian Cotton Contract, one that is open, transparent, competitive, online and easily accessible to all users on multiple devices including your mobile phone. This new contract is priced in $AUD/Bale, and traded on the Mercari electronic platform, a wholly owned unit of the Financial & Energy Exchange Ltd (FEX).

For the first time in Australia, producers, cotton advisers, merchants, ginners, exporters, banks, funds and other cotton investors will be able to implement their price hedging and sales strategies on a national, ASIC regulated, Australian exchange. This contract is a physically deliverable cotton contract if held to maturity and will provide a relevant, Australia-centric forward marketplace where the sale and purchase of cotton can occur in an open and competitive market, in Australian Dollars.

Our company, Southern Aurora is a solutions provider to the agricultural commodity market. Our mission is to provide a suite of practical and Exchange traded Agricultural OTC markets that target effective risk management, through transparency, liquidity and strategic advice to buyers, sellers, banks and investors in the agricultural sector.

We currently broker over 80% of Australia’s hedged wool clip, servicing the entire chain from grower to exporter. We’re also in the advanced stages of design and construction of two unique cash-settled feeder cattle contracts for Northern & Southern Australia. We are working with pastoral companies, backgrounders, agents, feedlots, processors, retailers and exporters to provide a simple price-hedging tool for the forward pricing of feeder cattle. Also, based on strong industry support, we are extending our focus to a trade lamb contract and a 90CL (hamburger) beef contract.

We’ve have partnered with Riemann Agriculture to help grow the current range of agricultural hedge markets. Since 2012 Riemann has been an important innovator and contributor to Australian agriculture enabling market participants (growers, processors and others in the agriculture value chain) to have access to forward price transparency and relevant risk management products to best manage their commodity price risk exposures.



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