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Growth Agriculture & Innovate Ag





Growth Agriculture is a manufacturer and importer of a unique range of products heavily focused on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and liquid nutrition in crop production. Sustainable agriculture, clean green and environmentally acceptable agricultural practices are at the forefront of the company’s philosophy. Growth Agriculture focuses on nutrition, particularly liquid. Nutrition has rightly been termed the new frontier of agriculture and several dedicated research and development companies in the liquid field have achieved outstanding results over recent years. Growth Agriculture is one such company, which aims to provide consistent higher quality and yield of crops by better managing nutritional requirements and then providing the most suitable product. The Growth Product Range has been established to provide solutions to future challenges facing growers in the agricultural industry.

Innovate Ag is a small regional company which has developed an innovative new product for the control of insect pests in food and fibre crops. For more than a decade, Innovate Ag have been working with some of the world’s best research scientists to develop a sustainable, environmentally responsible large scale pesticide to support global food security and protect the world’s bees. The result? Sero-X®, a first-of-a-kind organic product, that could change the way we approach agriculture globally.

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