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Capturing and understanding data from your cotton farming operation can fundamentally help you reduce inefficiencies and drive your profit – but we know that sometimes it seems that it is all too hard! Goanna have spent the past 12 months looking for solutions to those prevailing challenges of cost, connectivity and complexity. We set ourselves the task of creating more cost effective sensor solutions that will deliver you real time and reliable insights right across your farm. We also wanted to make this available to you simply and efficiently. That challenge led us to an emerging technology called LoRaWAN; and whilst the name isn’t important, we believe that this technology will transform the way we view – and value – data.

We are now pleased to announce that we have begun deploying the network to enable this new sensor technology. With a price point around 50% of what was previously available, the ability to allow automation and no dependence on mobile coverage; we have begun to take some big steps to addressing the challenges the industry has faced. Importantly, we have also invested in our data analytics platform to optimise irrigation scheduling and yield forecasting. We look forward to sharing working examples of our new sensor range with you at the 2018 Australian Cotton Conference.

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