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FluroSat is a precision ag platform which combines remote sensing data (aerial and satellite imagery) with on-the-ground observations in order to helps farmers increase profits, by making data-driven decisions.

Our number #1 focus is on improving farm profitability, starting from cotton and grain nutrition management.

FluroSat offers agronomists and farmers access to decision support system, FluroViewer, which has been developed in collaboration with CSIRO and Australia’s leading agronomists to simplify the adoption of precision agriculture technologies. FluroViewer platform offers such features as nutrient stress quantification, field management zone definition, historic and in-season trend analysis of multispectral imagery taken from drones, planes and satellites, advanced stress detection with hyperspectral imagery and yield correlations.

The flagship product of FluroSat, Nitrogen map, allows to diagnose crop nutrient status with minimal optimised sampling and to use the derived field-size nitrogen map for fertiliser applications, and improved irrigation decisions. This August, FluroSat openly launches its platform to Australian cotton growers.

If you are a progressive agronomist or grower, come speak to us about extracting most out of your historic data and optimising crop management in the upcoming season.

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