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Field Solutions Group





We are Field Solutions Group (ASX:FSG), a publicly listed telecommunication and cloud services organisation. We provide true broadband connectivity to Regional and Rural Australia.

Over the past 3 years Field Solutions Group has implemented community driven broadband working with the community to deliver solutions tailored for your needs. Our model focuses on the delivery of connectivity to regional and remote businesses and communities. The model is designed to complement the Australian Government’s NBN initiative, and fill in the gaps. We undertake major construction projects or find ways to utilise existing regional infrastructure to deliver this connectivity.

Regional and Rural Australia has a thirst for broadband in line with metro areas and businesses need high levels of connectivity to capitalise on their true capability. With Sky Muster™ Satellite Services unable to deliver a symmetric service, we have designed a service to meet these needs.

Field Solutions specialises in Rural, Remote and Regional Telecommunications. We currently deliver service to customers connecting via:

  • Field Solutions wholly Owned network (both fibre and fixed wireless)
  • NBN Fibre / FTTN / FTTB Services
  • NBN Fixed Wireless Services
  • NBN SkyMuster
  • Legacy Telstra and AAPT DSL Services
  • Optus Satellite
  • IP-Star Satellite

Field Solutions Group, through a community-led approach, has developed a model allowing the design, construction and delivery of independent networks to close the digital divide for Rural and Remote Australia. This community-led approach brings together key community stakeholders including, Local Council, Local Businesses, Agribusinesses and Residential Users.

Together we will #endthedatadrought

We build, we deliver and our staff are based locally at the heart of the issues. We look forward to working with you.

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