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Cotton Research & Development Corporation

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CRDC invests in research, development and extension (RD&E) projects for the Australian cotton industry. Our purpose is to support the performance of the cotton industry: helping to increase both productivity and profitability of our growers.

The cotton industry has always placed great emphasis on the value of its RD&E and the results speak for themselves. Over the past 10 years alone RD&E has helped cotton growers reduce their pesticide use by 87 percent and increase their water use efficiency by 40 percent.

Thanks to RD&E Australian cotton growers are now growing more cotton on less land with less impact on the environment. Of course such gains are not RD&Eā€™s alone. They simply would not be possible without collaboration ā€“ be it with growers, researchers, industry bodies, the Government or the wider sector ā€“ and we are pleased to be one of many partners involved in collaborating on the Australian Cotton Conference.

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