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Collier & Miller Engineering is situated in Griffith, NSW and has over seventy years’ experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing quality agricultural and industrial equipment. We continue to use this experience to build a niche range of heavy-duty farm equipment suitable to handle the harshest conditions faced by Australian farmers. All our farm equipment is manufactured locally and we are proud to have it endorsed as ‘Australian Made’.

Extensive product development has seen the introduction of our Heavy Duty Tow-Behind Road Graders, Drag Scrapers and Grader Boards. We also manufacture equipment specific to the Cotton Industry as well as producing Heavy Duty Earthmovers into the laser bucket industry. These are a few examples of the farming equipment range that is manufactured by Collier & Miller Engineering.

From agricultural repairs right through to complex designing and manufacturing tasks, Collier and Miller Engineering offer you the solution to your farming needs. If you would like to make any inquiries regarding manufacturing, designing or pricing on our Australian manufactured agricultural equipment contact Collier & Miller Engineering on 02 69694500 or visit our website on www.colliermiller.com.au.

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