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Citizen Wolf


Pod H



The biggest problem in fashion is fit. Mass production forces everyone into standard sizes which fail most people (81% to be precise). At Citizen Wolf we use technology to automate the process of tailoring, starting with the humble t-shirt. Not everyone wears fancy suits but we all deserve clothes that fit, so we make it simple and fast to get exactly what you want:

1.            Choose your style
2.            Pick your fabric and colour
3.            Add tailoring via Magic Fit

Our Magic Fit algorithm replaces clunky measuring tapes with 94% accurate biometric prediction. Based on only 4 data points (height, weight, age and bra) we create a mathemagical model of your body and a personalised pattern which is then cut by laser, ethically sewn in Sydney and ready for delivery within 7-10 days. And because we keep your pattern on file, reordering is so easy you never have to go shopping again!

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