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The Organisers

The Australian Cotton Conference is jointly hosted by Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association.

The Organisers

Tracey Byrne-Morrison

Australian Cotton Conference Secretariat

Guy Roth

Conference Program Coordinator

Brian O’Connell

Sponsorship & Exhibit Coordinator

Brooke Summers

Communication and Marketing

Robert Virtue

Media Relations

The Committee

The Conference is run by a team of dedicated volunteers drawn from right across the industry.  The Committee decides the theme, forms the program and provides strategic oversight for Conference organisers.

Fleur Anderson

Conference Chair, Central Queensland cotton grower, Cotton Australia Director

Stuart Armitage

Immediate Past Chair, Darling Downs cotton grower, Cotton Australia Director

Nick Beer

Upper Namoi cotton grower

Matthew Bradd

Ecom Cotton, ACSA Director

Beth Burnett

Central Queensland cotton grower

Mark Cathcart

Farm Manager, Cotton Seed Distributors

Warren Conaty

Research Scientist, CSIRO Plant Industry

Stuart Gordon

Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Textile and Fibre Technology

Pete Johnson

Managing Director, Left Field Solutions (cotton procurement)

Dallas King

Agronomist Lower Balonne & Macintyre rivers region

Jorian Millyard

Extension & Development Agronomist, Southern NSW & Victoria, CSD

Michael Murray

General Manager, Cotton Australia

Kate O’Callaghan

Southern Cotton

Michael O’Rielley

Queensland Cotton, ACSA Director

Ruth Redfern

Communications Manager, CRDC and CottonInfo

Mitch Seis

Darling Downs cotton grower

Phil Sloan

Cargill Cotton Australia, ACSA Director, Director of Golf

Arthur Spellson

Marketing Manager - Auscott Limited, ACSA Director

Eliza Star

Olam Queensland Cotton, Southern NSW

Tim Storck

Grower Services Manager - Reinhart Australia, ACSA Director

Ian Taylor

General Manager – R&D Investment, CRDC

Roger Tomkins

S&G Cotton Australia, ACSA Director

Wayne Towns

Gin Manager, Auscott Limited

Jane Trindall

R&D Program Manager, CRDC

Peter Tuohey

Riverina Cotton Grower, Cotton Australia Director

Elissa Wegener

Marketing Coordinator - Queensland Cotton, Southern Valley CGA Secretary

Cliff White

Omni Cotton Australia, Chairman - Australian Cotton Shippers Association

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